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Hitch Mounted Core Drilling

A hitch mounted core drill is ideal for coring holes in pavements, and pot-holing to find buried utilities ahead of excavation work. Other applications include sign installation and replacement, airport lighting installation, road and bridge construction, and materials testing.

Our gasoline-powered Kor-It Model KK1716-G17 core drill is mounted to the rear of a pick-up truck, making it easily accessible to most work locations while providing a stable drilling platform. This results in fast drilling time and increased bit life.

The positioning arm swings nearly 180 degrees in a semi-circle, as the multi-jointed arm allows drilling at almost any position within the semi-circle. The drill head can be positioned approximately 36 inches beyond the side of the truck, and it can drill three to four times faster than some electric drill machines.

Fast and efficient core holes up to 16″ diameter are possible, while minimizing lane closures and traffic control.

Our core drill features quick set up and tear down, and easy removal from vehicle when not in use.