vacuum excavation truck

Vacuum Excavation Services

Vacuum Excavation is a safe but powerful method to excavate even in the hardest soils – including ground frost – without harming nearby utilities. Whether potholing for utilities or installing anodes, we have the capability to make any job stress-free.

  • Subsurface utility engineering.
  • Ultility locating.
  • Reference cell installations.
  • Expose pipelines for coating inspection.
  • Valve box cleaning.
  • Excavation and recoating of pipe at soil to air interfaces.
  • Test station installations.
  • Anode placement.
  • Safely excavate holes for utility pole installation and guardrail placement.
  • Gas or water line service terminations or installations.
  • Environmental soil sampling.

Please call us with your request for service. This is only a short list of this equipment’s potential.