DOT pre-audit evaluation

DOT Pre-Audit Evaluation

After all your efforts to maintain compliance with the many federal and state pipeline regulations that your company is required to follow (by law), you could ask a former state and federal inspection representative to provide you with an independent assessment of your compliance status, before the government inspectors visit with you.

  • Prior gas and liquid, industry and regulatory experience.
  • NACE certified Corrosion Technician or above.
  • US DOT Title 49 Part 192 and Part 195, and Minnesota Damage Prevention (Minnesota Statute 216D) scope.
  • Audit scope can vary from a cursory evaluation of a specific subject area, to a very comprehensive, in-depth review of the entire pipeline system including procedures and records reviews, all from the perspective of both an operator and a regulator.
  • Office locations: Records inspections including written operations and maintenance procedures, emergency procedures, and general records reviews and evaluations.
  • Field locations:  Field inspections including pipelines, tanks, stations, terminals, rights-of-way, materials, pressure control, over-pressure protection, corrosion control, cathodic protection, odorization, leak survey, damage prevention and integrity management.

General Corrosion Corporation can provide knowledgeable staff with direct pipeline operator and regulatory compliance experience.  This background provides a compliance auditor with the perspective of both a pipeline operator and a government regulator at the same time.  Pre-audit compliance evaluations are available for Title 49 Parts 192 and 195 anywhere in the United States or its territories.